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Harrison Township

Founding Father


HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE HARRISON TOWNSHIP HISTORICAL COMMISSION'S FIRST EDUCATIONAL PRESENTATION: THE LEGACY OF WILLIAM TUCKER APRIL 27, 1994  The speakers for this presentation were commissioners Ruthee Cowan, Tom Gregor, Linda Karczewski, and Marie McDougal with a special presentation by Carol Herzenstiel who lived in the Tucker home for over 20 years. THE TUCKER STORY William Tuckar (originally spelled with an “a”, the name was later changed to Tucker), and his brother Joseph, were born in New Jersey.Unfortunately for them, they then moved to Stover, Virginia. It was in Stover in 1753, that the Chippewa Indians, during a raid on the settlement, shot and killed the boys' father and took them captive. They were taken to the shores of Lake Erie where their death song was sung. Some sources say they were asked to sing it themselves. Before they could be put to death, however, William ran to an Indian named We-kan-nis for protection. This Indian either bought them or convinced the Indians to let him take them, but either way, he then took them to his home on the Huron River (later renamed the Clinton), and they became a part of his tribe. Not, unfortunately, before the boys saw the Indians present their father's scalp to the French.

Harrison Township

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